I have always been musical, from playing piano by ear when I was four, to playing and composing by ear now in my twenties. I wanted piano lessons at the start of my musical-ness but the teacher said my hands were too small.

As a natural ability for music became prevalent I was afraid that a musical education would stifle my creativity. I didn’t want to be restricted by rules or theory. As such I have never had a music lesson and cannot read or write notation. However, my aptitude for improvisation and music technology have helped me compose and produce.

I’ve been focussed on composing music since 2005. In 2012 I enjoyed my first experience as a professional composer; having my music used by some big name companies all over the world.

As I continue to work on new material I am inspired by your use of my music. The response I have had since releasing tracks under Creative Commons has been unprecedented. I’m completely blown away by the quality of projects it has been paired with, and the generosity of comments.


Dexter Britain – 13th July 1989 – England

Self taught composer & pianist.

Favourite film

“Marie Antoinette” by Sofia Coppola or “Weekend” by Andrew Haigh, or maybe Anna Karenina from Joe Wright. I love film, it is impossible for me to choose a favourite, but the above display a rawness, great design or reality. Along with good soundtracks, acting and ideas.

Favourite music

My most played song of all time is “Time of Our Lives” by Miley Cyrus and whilst my favourite music is pop (I know, hardly respectable) I live for film scores and my favourite pieces are “Time” by Hans Zimmer from Inception, “Dead Reckoning” by Clint Mansell from Smokin’ Aces, and “Penelope’s Theme” by Nathan Johnson from The Brothers Bloom. I could go on.


Just some of the many people, companies, charities, and film-makers who have used my music in their projects.

G-Tech | GoPro | World Health Organisation | NASA | O2 | Jason Silva (Shots of Awe, Future Of Us) | TEDx | Kelloggs | Nike | BVLGARI |